Tuesday, May 5, 2009

*Good News*

My Dr's office called and told me that my liver & kidney function tests came back fine. That is absolutely wonderful news!! That takes a 100 pound weight off of my shoulders!! My Ob is still concerned about my rising blood pressure, but feels okay about me not having preclampsia/toxemia. (for now at least) So, we will continue to monitor my blood pressure and go from there. My due date is officially July 10th, however I was told quite a while back that the latest that I will be allowed to carry is July 3rd. I cannot be allowed to go into labor on my own because of my blood thinners. I have to be off of them for a minimum of 24 hours before Bug is born so that my delivery is a little more safe than having full blown Heparin running through our veins. So, I will be induced no later than July 3rd. As time goes by my OB and Periontologist (high risk ob) will monitor me and once I start dilating or showing signs that I may go into labor, my day to induce will be scheduled. This also makes me feel better because I do not want anyone but my OB to deliver Cody. This is a trust issue, I trust my OB with both of our lives and know that he knows my entire medical history, where as an on call Dr will not. It is nice to know that by July 3rd I will be holding my little Bug in my arms. I hope not to deliver him before 38 weeks at the earliest. I will be 38 wks on June 26th, so anytime between June 26th and July 3rd is okay with me. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Please pray that Bug will be a healthy baby boy and that his mom will be able to carry him until at least June 26th.

Love Always,
Christy & Her Amazing Bug Cody

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  1. I am so glad to hear this Christy. I can't wait to see you holding your little man!
    Continued Prayer's for a safe pregnancy!!