Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Pictures

Our Dogs Maggie, Willie & Stachey

Me & Kevin (Kevin was BBQ'ing and got smoke in his eyes)

Me & JJ while Kevin was BBQ'ing

My self portrait on Tuesday 31 wks 4 days

Just a few pictures from the last few days. In the picture of me & my dog JJ, he does not have 5 legs, lol. One of the pugs were beside him and the camera caught one of their legs. It is funny how my stomach looks different at different times. Sometimes bug pushes it way out front and sometimes more "sideways" he sure is a funny little guy. I know he is running out of room because his movements are slowing down, but they pack more of a punch. He still loves trying to kick his way out via my cervix, bladder and anywhere else that happens to be in his way. Not too much longer to go :O) We cannot wait to meet our little bug. I will miss being pregnant with him though. I will miss feeling him move all the time :O( However, I will be more than happy to have him in my arms. Will post a 32 week picture tomorrow once we are both home.

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